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Introduction to College English is intended to bring you to a college level of proficiency in the areas of reading and writing. In this course, you will develop critical and analytical reading skills, and learn to analyze non-fiction as well as short fiction works. You will also write paragraphs and essays that respond to these texts. This course will help you develop an appreciation of literature by becoming acquainted with a number of literary works representative of different genres and periods. The works we will examine focus on the topic of "growing up" - ??the process that young people go through as they mature and discover who they are and their places in the world.


Préalables : None

Heures :  60h

Pondération : 2-2-4

Unités : 2.66

Devoirs : 6

4EA0 : To analyze and produce various forms of discourse


65 - Multimedia course with web assignments (English version)

Particularités et matériel obligatoire

Matériel technologique obligatoire :

  • Speakers or headset

Particularités : None


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Droits de scolarité : 120,00 $
Matériel : 85,00 $
Total : 205,00 $

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Matériel : 85,00 $
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