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This complimentary course will help you learn about yourself as a human being and, above all, as a learner so you can succeed in college. In order to achieve this objective, you will analyze the efficiency of various learning strategies and resources that promote academic achievement, including research methods and strategies for completing your school work successfully and creating effective written and oral academic productions.


Préalables : None

Recommandations : This course is a complimentary course for all programs of study.

Heures :  45h

Pondération : 2-1-3

Unités : 2

Devoirs : 3

000W : To analyze one the major problems of our time using one or more social scientific approaches


65 - Multimedia course with web assignments (English version)

Particularités et matériel obligatoire

Matériel technologique obligatoire : None

Particularités : None


Cours régulier
Droits de scolarité : 90,00 $
Matériel : 35,00 $
Total : 125,00 $

Cours hors programme
Droits de scolarité : 270,00 $
Matériel : 35,00 $
Total : 305,00 $