Cours › ETHICAL ISSUES : Ethics and society


This course covers the requirement for a Humanities Block B course specific to a program. The course is aimed at deepening and reinforcing the critical thinking skills, knowledge, and insights developed in the first two Humanities courses. By situating these issues in their appropriate worldview and knowledge contexts, students develop a critical and autonomous approach to ethical values in general and to the values involved in their own fields of interest in particular. This final set also provides students with an opportunity to consolidate personal and social values.


Préalables : AP: 345-101-MQ or 345-102-MQ

Recommandations : None

Heures :  45h

Pondération : 3-0-3

Unités : 2

Devoirs : 5

4HUP : To apply a critical thought process to ethical issues relevant to the field of study


65 - Multimedia course with web assignments (English version)

Particularités et matériel obligatoire

Matériel technologique obligatoire : None

Particularités : None


Cours régulier
Droits de scolarité : 90,00 $
Matériel : 150,00 $
Total : 240,00 $

Cours hors programme
Droits de scolarité : 270,00 $
Matériel : 150,00 $
Total : 420,00 $