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As part of the Knowledge category of Humanities, this course emphasizes how knowledge is defined, acquired, classified, transmitted, and applied. Students examine both messages and media to identify the strengths and limitations of each. Students learn to situate knowledge in a social, historical and personal context, a skill they will need in order to become life-long learners. More specifically, this course will focus on how the lives and beliefs of peoples of the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia are reconstructed by both archaeologists and historians. In doing so, the student will learn how these ancient civilizations have contributed to our own culture and society.


Préalables : None

Recommandations : None

Heures :  60h

Pondération : 3-1-3

Unités : 2.33

Devoirs : 4

4HU0 : To apply a logical analytical process to how knowledge is organized and used


65 - Multimedia course with web assignments (English version)

Particularités et matériel obligatoire

Matériel technologique obligatoire : None

Particularités : None


Cours régulier
Droits de scolarité : 120,00 $
Matériel : 130,00 $
Total : 250,00 $

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Droits de scolarité : 360,00 $
Matériel : 130,00 $
Total : 490,00 $