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The Human Biology course is an introduction to the general functioning of the human body. First, it presents the basic concepts of the discipline and discusses the notion of life at the cell level. Next, it explains the integrative role of the nervous and endocrine systems in the body’s internal functioning and relationship with the surrounding environment. Lastly, by exploring the reproductive system and heredity, it explains how life is perpetuated.


Préalables : None

Recommandations : None

Heures :  45h

Pondération : 2-1-2

Unités : 1.66

Devoirs : 3

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65 - Multimedia course with web assignments (English version)

Particularités et matériel obligatoire

Matériel technologique obligatoire : Computer or tablet.

Particularités : Course accessible to students who are visually or hearing impaired.


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Droits de scolarité : 90,00 $
Matériel : 55,00 $
Total : 145,00 $

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Droits de scolarité : 270,00 $
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